Northern Municipal Spares Ltd (NMS).

Established in 1983 is a Quality UK manufacturer of municipal road sweeper brushes.  The company prides itself on utilising UK sourced materials.  Our Steel is sourced from British Steel Ltd in Scunthorpe; Polypropylene from The Grangemouth refinery in Scotland and the 100% post-consumer granular material used in all our recycled discs is source from several sites within the UK.

Compact & Sub-Compact Sweeper Brushes.

Compact road sweeper front brushes are available ex-stock. They are manufactured to the highest standard and designed to fit machines such as Johnston, Schmidt, Scarab, Applied, Hako and Powerflex. Some of these brushes utilise our all plastic construction, enabling them to be stored outside in all weathers.

We also offer a Polypropylene and wire mixed version along with all wire products.  These are designed for longer life and steel increases the scrubbing action allowing for the sweeping of heavier compacted debris.  When our brushes are supplied into the local market, many can be refilled or recycled.

Wire Gutter Brushes.

Channel gutter brushes are constructed using a moulded plastic disk, manufactured from high grade recycled material, and NMS’s ‘patented black carbon cold rolled wire’.  Many of the wire holes incorporate the company’s square hole technology.  The combination of the square holes with the flat brush wire has proven to outperform competitor products in street sweeping.  The greatest benefit the squares holes offer is to eliminate the twisting motion of the steel strands.  This has been proven to reduce filament fatigue by up to 300%.

Wafer ring road brush segments.

Our segmented road brush wafers are manufactured to meet the industry’s highest standards and are made from either polypropylene monofilament or crimped steel wire for both quality and durability. The road brush segments are supplied in boxed kits so they can be assembled onto shafts on site to produce the cylinder wide sweep brush. These items are available as both flat wafer brush rings or zig-zag convoluted brush rings and are designed to sweep debris from the centre of roads.  We provide a full range that is compatible with all European road sweepers as well as a range purposely designed for attachments that include Bobcat, JCB, Sutton and White’s.