Brush tops.

Our circular brush tops are what we are most proud of.  They are manufactured by injecting post-consumer recycled polymer granules into a dual cavity mold.  These polymer discs are far superior to their wooden counterparts as they resist impact with kerbs, walls and street furniture where wood splits.  An additional bonus comes from the polymer’s waterproof properties meaning that they do not absorb moisture making them last longer and less likely to become deformed or warped.  The polymer that we use is from a sustainable UK source that would otherwise be sent to landfill sites making our disks environmentally friendly.  Hence this is why it’s black in colour. The black is to hide the multi coloured sourced polymer.  Because the tops are moulded with this recycled polymer, they contain many impurities which can result in a poor surface finish. This ‘industrial’ surface finish will not reduce the strength or performance of your brush.  Some of our brush range is designed to be collected after use and recycled by refilling the bristle. The used worn bristle is recycled back into usable polymer and made into products such as plastic buckets and drain rods, any recycled steel wire is reprocessed by external waste companies.

  • Compact Fixing


A lot of our brushes are dual purpose meaning that they are compatible with more than one machine.  This offers our customers greater versatility.  If our customers change their machines to that of a different manufacturer, they then do not have an unused stock of brushes that gets wasted.  All it takes is a few minutes to reposition the fixings and the brushes are good to go on the new machines.

Polypropylene bristle.

NMS uses a range of grades of polypropylene monofilament, each of which is selected to match the required cleaning performance of the brush and prove long-lasting in use.  Our top end monofilament used in our compact brushes is a special high tensile grade.  The typical average tensile strength of a 2.4mm diameter polypropylene monofilament is 292 MPa compared to our competitors 242 MPa, this 20% increase in tensile strength helps increase the ‘flick action’ of the brush and increases brush life performance. NMS also manufacturers brushes using long life PET and PA monofilament.

Wire bristle.

The brush wire that we use at NMS is to our own specification, not just in chemical compensation but also the way its processed by rolling, hardening and annealing. Our ‘patented black carbon cold rolled wire’ is proven to be the best available, it is hardwearing and does not fatigue prematurely. Please note that it is the responsibility of the end user of our brush-ware to ensure that the brush is suitable for the purpose of its intended use.  This includes assessing all risks before use.  We advise that the brushes should be inspected every 4 hours and replaced at the first sign of fatigue or damage.  As a guide we also recommend that wire brushes should not be used at airports, race tracks, pedestrian shopping pavements, etc.