Weed-Ripper Brush

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This Weed-ripper brush is suited to the Johnston Truck Mounted Road Sweepers.  This item features a recycled polymer disc and 32 x 16mm thick Weed-ripper Tines for an aggressive sweep.  The brush is ideal for ‘Ripping’ up thick stemmed weeds that the standard channel brush cannot cope with.  These items are manufactured to order and are usually available within a week of purchase, depending on time of year

Bulk Discounts

Bulk Discounts

  • 2-3 Brushes 10%
  • 4-6 Brushes 15%
  • 7-11 Brushes 20%
  • 12+ Brushes 27.5%


Disc Diameter : 315

Brush Flair : 550

No Fixings : 4

Fixings Supplied : Yes